Updated June 11, 2012


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shack.....


There's no place to run, no place to hide. WX4YY, Ken, and NW2Y, Mike.

We are now located in Adair County, Kentucky. Our repeaters are currently not operational

but we will keep you posted. We are also no longer providing VE services. 



We still haunt 20, 40, 75, and 160 meters, anywhere there is activity!!


The  radio shack on the boat, final shot.

A  look at the HF section of the shack in our travel trailer, No

longer in use.



The completed shack in  the house...

we combined the UHF, VHF and HF Sections.


Our new Kentucky Shak is still under construction as seen above..    



We are proud to have served Cumberland and Cape May Counties in New Jersey and the local community

WT2Y(now WX4YY) and NW2Y, Radio Officers for the Township Office of Emergency Management and members of both County RACES organizations. 

WT2Y, Former Cumberland County Skywarn Coordinator

NW2Y Former Cumberland County Assistant Coordinator

For further SKYWARN information please go to CumberlandSkywarn.com.


DAYTON 2005 Photo Album:

 Click HERE the group photo for all the shots from Dayton. 

Now three full pages of pictures, including some never seen before. 

If you'd like to see the Dayton air museum pix, Click HERE


All of the images in the photo gallery are modified for web viewing. If you wish to have a copy of any of them in 

the original large format, suitable for printing or viewing, please e-mail me or call me on the air. 



Notes from the Net Junkies......Check  in to any of our favorite HF groups listed below!


The 72 Rag Chew Crew

7272 KHz 



1721 Roundtable Group:

Now on 160m....1.872

Put up a wire and join in the fun....it's a blast!!


 Due to the need to be in constant touch with some friends  in NJ and Fl we are now available on EchoLink also. 


  Feel Free to Mail us with your complaints or comments....

(we never respond to complaints)



73 from the "Y's guys"



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